Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Log Slide Area Morning Hike

Yesterday my friend, Helen, was in town from Marquette. So we decided to do a morning hike walking west from the Log Slide.   Helen had not hiked that part of the trail for more than 20 years so we just had to head that way.  It was quite warm with temperatures in the upper 70s when we started and even hotter by the time we climbed the hill that seemingly never ends.

The year of butterflies continues....

The trail....

At the foot bridge 3/4 of the way to the lighthouse we climbed down to what I call Jacobsville Beach.

Recent rains have helped the ferns and other underbrush perk up a bit.

A robin perched on a post in the parking lot.  Notice the bug in his mouth.

We were supposed to get storms last night, but it never developed.  However, there were weird unstable clouds out over Lake Superior.

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