Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Dune Hike -- Post 1

Yesterday morning friend, Jill, and I went on a morning dune hike. I have decided to make more time for not only exercising, but also for making art. Since I am leaving for the two Minnesota shows in less than a month, I have decided there will not be enough time to finish the online rockhounding adventures before I leave. I am still going to intorduce the adventures at the international show in Minneapolis, but I will say "coming soon." Not only do I have to make art for these two shows, but I also have custom orders to make. I'll continue working on the online rockhounding adventurs and then will test them and have others review them prior to launch. I want to launch the program with two adventures. Between them there will be nine segments plus the self evaluations. I have completed the design for seven of the segments and have the research completed for the last two segments. Thus, I should still be able to complete the design and hope to formally launch the program by the end of the summer. stay tuned....

After a couple of days of very hot weather, it was nice to have cool weather return yesterday. Jill and I headed up into the dunes.

The recent rain seems to be making the forest perk up.

The shelf fungi are everywhere due to all the diseased beech trees.

It was absolutely beautiful in the dunes.

The wild roses are in bloom.

The wild strawberries are now ripe, but they are very small.

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