Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sable Falls Area Evening Hike -- Post 1

Last night was a beautiful fall evening with temperatures near 70 and little to no wind.  I decided at the last minute to take an evening hike in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  The closest to my house is Sable Falls, which is around a mile and a half from my driveway.  First I quickly did an internet search to find out sunset time, which right now is at 7:31.  Since it was already 7pm, I quickly grabbed my camera, hiking boots, and hiking poles and dashed off.

I took a lot of photos, so I'll post them over two days.  For this blog update, I'll include the pictures I took while walking from the parking lot to the bluff.  I had the hike all to myself -- didn't see another human being.

Fall colors are definitely late this year, but there are a few trees that have turned.

Into the sand dunes...

To the bluff...

Although the sun is setting "behind" Au Sable Point, I was able to still get some nice photos.

Looking east..

Two fishing boats drove by heading back to Grand Marais.  I was able to zoom in to get a couple of photos...

I decided to descend and walk the beach back to Sable Falls steps.  The photo below shows where I usually go down.  I have never seen so much erosion.  This was not a safe way down as some of the eroded crevices were over my head.

While contemplating whether it was safe for me to go down the dune, I captured some more photos.

Just to the west was another area that looked a little more safe.  This is where I headed down.

Continued tomorrow....

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