Tuesday, September 24, 2013

School Forest Hike

Yesterday the weather was perfect for an evening hike.  Friends, Jamey and Lois, and I used both our cars and drove east of town to the Burt Township School Forest.  We left mine at the shoreline and doubled back to the bridge over the Sucker River.  We then hiked three miles down the North Country Trail back to my car.

I left the museum shortly after 5:00 and waited at the bridge in the school forest for Jamey and Lois.  They were waiting for guests to arrive at the Bed and Breakfast that they own (Agate Cross B&B).  I took a few photos while waiting...

Fall colors appear to be a week or two late this year.  However, there are a few trees starting to turn...

The Sucker River...

As we started to hike, Jamey turned over a downed tree and found this salamander.

A cool coral fungi lined the hiking trail....

In fact, there were fungi everywhere.  By walking in the woods, you can certainly tell that we have had a whole lot of rain this summer. 

The mushroom below was over eight inches in diameter.

We arrived to the shoreline just after the sun went down.

Jamey took care of the fire.  Lois and I dished out the food.  It was my turn to cook.  I made tomato soup out of produce from our garden, as well as cabbage rolls also using vegetables from the garden, along with chicken nuggets that I had prepared in advance.  I brought a table and chairs and we sat right on the bank overlooking Lake Superior.  It was beautiful.

The close up shot of the moon isn't quite in focus -- but it was a cool not quite full moon.

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