Monday, March 8, 2010

Even More Winter Scenes from Grand Marais

The sunshine this weekend drew me outside for more snowshoeing adventures. Here are some shots I took on the trail between Sable Visitor's Center and Sable Falls. The first shot is the detail of some of the melting snow.

This shot shows the patterns that ice mixed with sand can make on top of the river.

Even though the snow is melting in sun exposed areas, it is still piled up in the woods and on top of downed trees.

The following shots were taken at or on the way to the Ghost Forest in the Grand Sable Dunes. The tree stumps are a few thousand years old. Also pictured is friend, Wendy.

Due to working on the new agate book I have not had much of a chance to make art lately. It felt good to have the soldering iron in my hand. Here is a custom agate window I made for a couple in Kentucky.

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