Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Winter Scenes

Below are some random winter scenes from around the Grand Marais area.

This time of year with the warm days in the 30s and 40s, and the cold nights in the teens and twenties, there are some unusual melting and refreezing effects. This is a picture of a thin sheet of ice that formed a couple of inches above the sand. It appears to be floating in space, but is actually held up by blades of dune grass.

The high sun angle is melting the snow in the dunes at an amazing rate. This photo is of a valley that still has quite a bit of snow.

Sable Lake is still very frozen. This shot was taken while sitting on a large downed tree on the south side of the lake that is laying on top of the ice. I was looking back toward the dunes. You can see the guard rail that aligns the road between the dunes and Sable Lake.

When you walk (or snowshoe) from Sable Falls and head up into the dunes, this is a picture of the first blow out bowl once you get into the dunes after walking over the foot bridge.

This is a driftwood sculpture on the bank of Sable Lake.

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