Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Floating Ice

Below are some more shots from the snowshoe adventure last Sunday. The wind at first blew some of the pancake ice in toward shore. When the wind switched, it started to blow the floating pancake ice back out into the lake.

This shot was taken from the highest point in the dunes looking east toward Grand Marais.

We snowshoed around 1/3 the way west across the dunes. This shot was taken looking west.

The snow is melting so quickly that you end up with weird looking deposits of sand.

I received the first set of proofs for the book on Friday. It is exciting to see the book in print, rather than just on a computer screen. Photos of some of the proof pages and the proof package are below. The schedule has now been set and it looks like I won't received printed copies back until mid-June. I have received requests from people who want to order a copy in advance. Therefore, to accommodate these requests I have set this up with my web master. Once the web page March update has been uploaded, I will let you know. The web page, of course, is www.agatelady.com.

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