Thursday, July 15, 2010

Agates and Flowers

It has been a crazy week. The museum has been very busy, plus I've been spending a lot of time shipping out the new book. Other than the boxes I have in the car that I'm taking to the Moose Lake Show, there are only ten boxes left of the 48 boxes I picked up a couple of weeks ago! I'll probably have to take another run down to Holt to pick up some more!

I have also been busy making product. Here is the latest batch of agate plates.

A couple of years ago local summer resident Carol Rowe and friends hired me to take the agate rockhounding class. Carol was a great student and is now an accomplished agate hunter. I'll have more photos of her latest finds on my next web page update, but here is one of her agates front lit and back lit.

After a front came through last night, the sun is again shining. Here is a shot of sun rise this morning from my yard.

I don't have a lot of perennial flowers and hope to add more in the years to come, but here are a couple of shots of a hollyhock and bee balm. This is also the first year I've planted pole beans instead of bush beans in my garden. I'm going to enjoy watching the beans climb their way up the poles.

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