Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pictured Rocks Hike -- Post 1

My exercise routine has been interrupted by the busy summer schedule. However, on Sunday hiking friend Wendy and I decided to drive to Melstrand and hike the Chapel Loop. The sign says the entire loop, including Mosquito Falls, is around 9.8 miles. We did a couple of side hikes so the total was around 10 miles. Although we were glad to see the parking lot, we both faired well.

Over the next few days, I'll take you on the hike with us. I'll post the photos in the order they were taken. The first picture was taken on the six mile drive north of Melstrand to the Chapel area parking lot. I just love the birch trees along this section of road.

Once we put on our day packs and grabbed our hiking poles, we headed north on the trail to Chapel Falls. This trail is 1.3 miles to the falls. A map is below. The red line marks our entire route. The first section features in this posting is marked in purple.

Here is a shot taken about half way between the parking area and Chapel Falls.

You don't see Chapel River until you get close to the falls.

Here are two shots of the falls. One was taken on the southeast side before crossing the river. The second shot was taken from a platform located northwest of the falls.

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  1. The fact that you added a map helps other people to re-do this trail. Wonderful description of the track and of course - stunning images, especially those of the waterfalls