Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moose Lake Agate Days -- Post 2

This year sales in my booth were the best yet. Things were looking a little sparse in the booth on Sunday. I had a request from a friend to take a photo of my booth -- here it is.

Later on Sunday I snapped this picture from my corner of the gym. Sunday's are always a bit more manageable relative to the number of people who attend. Saturday was not as bad this year as last, but it was still nuts.

Moose Lake is all about the agates. There were LOTS of Lakers for sale, as well as many other types of agate and minerals.

One guy was selling basalt matrix with embedded agates.

Of course there were big agates for sale.

I met and spent a little time with Ana De Los Santos. Although she now lives in California, she is part owner of the Argentina agate mines. She spends a couple of months each year mining agates and a lot of time cutting and face polishing. It is nice to have another woman working in the industry.

One of the highlights of Moose Lake Agate Days is the stampede at 2:00 pm. Because of the popularity of this event and the thousands of people who participate, this year the organizers doubled the size. Two gravel trucks dumped rock along two city blocks. In the gravel there was 500 pounds of agate as well as $400 in quarters. Everyone has to stay behind the yellow police ribbon until the cannon goes off. Then it is a free for all.

I'm not sure how this rockhound felt about the event.

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  1. My grandchildren had a great time......JP