Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dune and Forest Hike

Hiking partner, Wendy Lynn, and I had an epic hike in the Sable Dunes area. We split our time between the forest on the south side of the dunes, and the dunes not far from Sable Lake. In our hikes we have found several "secret" ghost forests. This stump was quite unusual. Around four feet of it is still standing, but the center is completely hollowed out except for the connective cones from the one-time branches. I like the geometry of these cones.

From the top ridge of a north-south dune we had an unexpected view of Sable Lake.

We also made a friend on top of that ridge. Actually, the toad was not too impressed with us.

Although there certainly are a lot of sand-covered dunes, there are even more with dune grass, bushes, and trees.

The line up of flowers in the dunes continues with this yellow button-like flower.

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