Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pictured Rocks Hike -- Third Posting

The tour of the chapel loop continues. This posting includes pictures taken as we approached and rounded Grand Portal Point, which is between Chapel and Mosquito. This is the best section of cliffs in all of the Pictured Rocks. First, here is a map showing where this groupings of photos were taken.

I normally do not hike this trail in the summer, so I'm not used to seeing all the boats including the Pictured Rocks tour boats which travel out of Munising. There was at least one boat per hour. They were not too disturbing. There is enough natural beauty to entertain us all.

At every point along the ridge, trees are seemingly toppling over the edge. The birches especially are beautiful as they bow to Lake Superior.

Here are some photos of the cliffs. Notice the kayak in the third picture.

In a couple of spots along the cliffs there are elevated beaches. One of these beaches, however, tumbled down a few years ago.

Here are a couple of more shots. I believe this is Grand Portal Point taken from the west side.

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