Thursday, November 10, 2011

Agate Close Up Pictures

Winter finally arrived in the Upper Peninsula yesterday. In Grand Marais, we received mostly rain, with a few snow flakes mixed in. Snow did not accumulate here, but west of Marquette they received up to 13 inches of snow. Today there is supposed to be some lake effect snow, including in the Grand Marais area.

Since it was 35 degrees and raining, yesterday was not a good day to get outside. So for today's blog posting, I'll again dip into the photos from my agate book. I randomly selected pictures and cropped them for spectacular close ups.

First, a Mexican crazy lace agate.....

A Montana dry head agate.

A Mexican Laguna agate.

An unusual Lake Superior agate.

A Brazilian agate.

Another Mexican crazy lace agate.

A Canadian Michipocoten agate.

An unknown agate purchased from a bargain bin.

An Argentina condor agate.

Another unusual Lake Superior agate.

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