Friday, November 11, 2011

First Hike with Snow

There was just a bit of snow, but I am excited about winter coming soon. As many of you know, I just love to cross country ski and snowshoe.  So far the snow has not accumulated but it was better to hike in the snow rather than in rain.

But first -- a picture of the snow I took out my front window.

I hiked from Sable Falls west down the trail and over the foot bridge. Rather than walking down the main trail into the dunes, I took a right and walked a deer trail up into a hidden section of the dunes.

In the sand I noticed moose tracks.  I wish I could have seen the moose.

There is still fall color if you look in the right places.

This is the dune above Sable River.

Here is the view from the top of that dune -- looking east toward the Grand Marais breakwall.

With the telephoto lens I captured the north harbor light at the end of the breakwall.

This is a shot of the area near the mouth of Sable River.

From the top of the dune looking west.

I then walked to the bluff and took a picture of the mouth of Sable River.

We call these the sister trees.  They overlook Sable River.

More late fall color.....

There are a lot of birch trees in the dunes.

Documentation of the first snow accumulation in the Grand Marais area.

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