Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beach Hike

OK I have done it. I finally upgraded and purchased a new computer. The desktop system I have been using for the last 3 years was purchased used from a friend for only $100. The XP software combined with the age of the computer was causing it to be too slow to operate efficiently. Of course, it has taken me all morning to uninstall my virus protection from the desktop and reinstall it on the new laptop. I also had to buy and install new software since the XP software cannot be used with Windows 7.  Then I had to figure out how to use the new version of Photoshop. Hopefully, I have finally managed to make everything work.
Yesterday, I had to go over to the museum to finish winterizing it. I took the opportunity to go on a beach walk. I hiked from the museum to the end of Woodland Park, down the west steps, and across the new foot bridge over First Creek.

As I walked over the first dune to the main part of the beach, I noticed that all the milkweed pods had opened.

There were milkweed seeds all over the beach.

Then I walked west toward Sable Falls River.

Looking back east....

The tepee that was on the beach last fall is still there.

Approaching Sable River, or Second Creek as we locals call it.

Then I walked up the path and up the steps to the Sable Falls area.

At the top of the falls, I headed down the cross country ski trail.  As you can see, the national park has a lot of tree removal.  The high winds we have had lately have taken their toll.  The woods look more like an obstacle course.

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