Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fantastic Rock Collection

While down state I visited with a friend to see his rock collection. To protect the collection, I will not even reveal the name. Wow. His collection rivals many museum collections.

Here is a huge Mexican agate that has shadow banding as well as plume formation.

This Brazilian agate has an interesting calcite crystal, around which chalcedony bands formed.  You can see the crystal just right of center.

He had thousands of Lake Superior agates, including this dandy eye agate.

The shadow in this Mexican Laguna agate just danced.

There were more cases of rocks than I could count, including this case that features mostly Mexican agates.

The top row on the shelf below included Coyamito agates from Mexico. 

Here is a close up of one of the Coyamito agates.  Double wow.

I just love the translucency of the Brazilian enhydro agates.  These specimens have water that became trapped as the agate formed.

You might think that the photo below is of a Brazilian geode agate.  It is actually an extremely rare Lake Superior agate.

I just love this Kentucky agate.

The agate below is a Mexican thunder egg.

He had a couple of terrific specimens of Labadorite, including the one below.

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