Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Scenes and Changes in Grand Marais

Yesterday morning I conducted an agate rockhounding class for two grandsons of part-time Grand Marais residents. Drew and Evan seemed to enjoy the class.

Another family was enjoying the beach...

The comprehensive refurbishing of the Pickel Barrel is now done.  For those of you who visit Grand Marais, you are probably aware that four years ago another contracter supposedly refurbished the historic structure, but did not do it correctly.  So the Grand Marais Historical Society hired master craftsmen to try to repair and save the structure.  They built a wider top to deflect the rain, replaced rotten wood, and made other repairs.  The next tast will be to repaint the building.

The township has torn down the old fire/ambulance barn.  A few years ago voters turned down a milliage to build a new facility.  However, the township proposed and the voters passed an "operations" milliage that did not clearly state its purpose.  The funds from this tax increase is being used to build a new facility.

A video taken on the beach yesterday....

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  1. You know, Grand Marais really does not get a lot of press from the Pure Michigan tourist brochures and campaign, and it is a shame, because you have some really nice stuff up there.