Monday, June 4, 2012

Microscopic Pictures of Nature

I finished designing another online rockhounding adventure segment tonight so I decided to get my USB microscope camera out and take some pictures of natural objects.

Here is a close up shot of a chive flower.

The next two photos show both sides of a bird feather. 

This close up is of a fuzzy mullein leaf.

The next two photos are of an iris flower.

A house plant leaf....

Rose bush thorns...

Spruce tree needles...

I have had two people email me about web sites that do have information about where the freighters are on Lake Superior.  The Soo web page that I went to said that homeland security would not let them post the present positions.  But, they also wanted you to visit their facility to see the posted list. 

Thanks to Charlotte who suggested that the following web page has the map of freighter positions in Lake Superior:

Thanks to Claudia who provided the following web page that has a map of freighter positions in all the Great Lakes:

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  1. I am enjoying your photographs! The texture, graininess, and depth are captured beautifully. My favorite is the purple, yellow, and orange iris flower!! Thank you for sharing.