Monday, June 11, 2012

Grand Marais Bay and River Projects

The other night I drove out toward the Grand Marais airport to check out construction on the new bridge over the river on the Old Seney Road. When they say the road is closed -- in this case they mean it.

As you can see -- at this time there is no bridge.  Apparently, it is scheduled to be put in place in the next couple of weeks.  They are also black topping 300 feet before and after the bridge to try to protect the river from erosion.

The hummingbird that dominates the feeder I have hanging in front of my house....

More views of the bay construction project...

It looks like they may be starting to put boulders and rock in place.

A view of Grand Marais bay from up on top of the ridge.

A view from in town.

Here is a picture of a 3/4 pound Laker that belongs to my friend, Jill.

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