Friday, August 23, 2013

Best Pictures of Earth from Space

For today's posting, I decided to search the Internet for pictures of Earth from space.

I think these photos are awesome.

Hopefully we as the most dominate and most impactful species will do a better job taking care of our cosmic home.

The first picture below is called the "Blue Marble" photo.  It is the most high-resolution photo ever taken of planet Earth from space. Actually, this is not a single photograph.  It is a composite cobbled together out of many different NASA images.

The next photo was taken by the Russian weather satellite Electro-L. Unlike the Blue Marble photo above, the next picture isn’t a composite; it’s a single high-resolution photo taken from space.
The Electro-L is in a geostationary orbit  22,369 miles (36,000 km) above Earth’s equator. It sends back images of the planet every 30 minutes using three different visible light wavelengths and also  infrared.

A NASA photo of a river delta...

The next photo shows the southern lights, as seen through an International Space Station astronaut's eyes, letting the rest of us see just how beautiful our planet is from 240 miles up.

Hurricanes always look scary and amazing from space.

Even normal clouds are interesting from space. The first is an intriguing anvil storm cloud.

The lights of humanity have changed the planet's look at night.

Fire scars in Australia are featured in the image below, which was photographed by a crew member on the International Space Station. Bright orange fire scars show up the underlying dune sand in the Simpson Desert.

Desert splendor....

And then there are volcanoes....


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