Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Songbird Trail in Marquette

YEA! I finally have a working computer again.  Although I did pick up my new computer in Marquette on Friday -- there were some issues with transferring files from my old laptop to the new one.  The company (906 Technologies) made it right and now I am back in the saddle. 

The Ishpeming show last Saturday went so-so.  I realized after the show was over that I never got a chance to walk around and take pictures.  Usually Jill and Gerald have their booth right next to mine, which  allows Jill to work double duty in both booths so that I can have a little flexibility.  However, this year they were assigned a spot across the parking lot. 

On Sunday, I went hiking northwest of Marquette with my friend, Helen.  We hiked the Songbird Trail near the mouth of the Little Presque Isle River.  It was a short trail, so we did it a couple of times plus hiked some of the North Country Trail.

Looking either way from the foot bridge...

The mouth of the Little Presque .....

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