Friday, August 9, 2013

Lake Superior Sunset

After leaving the museum a bit early, thanks to Lois and Jamey for dinner.  Then I joined friends, Doug and Susan, who are visiting Grand Marais on their way back to Wisconsin..  After checking out the brewpub, (thanks D & S for the pizza and brew!), we walked through Woodland Park and headed down the steps to First Creek.  It was a cool and brisk evening -- just like the ones I remember as a kid.  We took our time walking and actually missed the "entrance" of the sun into the lake -- but caught the brilliant after glow.

First, a couple of photos of the opening parade into the Music Festival that I took as they passed the museum.

Walking toward First Creek through Woodland Park -- documenting the White Birches...

The sun going down, through the trees.

Beach level...

The crowd in front of the festival, checking out the sunset.

Still standing...

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