Monday, February 10, 2014

Documenting Grand Marais Snow

Before I left for my trip out west -- Grand Marais already had a lot of snow.  While I was gone, the south shore of Lake Superior received another three feet!  Due to compaction, the nearly 200 inches that we have received is around four feet on the level.  But where the snow plows have piled it up -- is another story.

The pile next to my out building ia around ten foot tall...

The same for the pile next to my house...

As you drive into town before the last curve, you get a good view of the frozen surface of Lake Superior.  Due to a wind shift, there is a small stretch of open water shown in the photo below.   The next day this section was frozen, too.  According to NOAA, as of last Friday -- Lake Superior was 93.5 percent ice covered.

I had to go over to the museum -- and dig my way in.  My shovel is against the snow bank in the photo below.  I cut steps into the snow bank, climbed up on top, and dug an "entrance hole" in front of the museum's door.

From the end of Coast Guard Point, I took a few photos of the lighthouse, breakwall, and channel.

The County Road Commission has been busy cutting the snow banks bank.

In the photo below, notice that the snow bank is all the way up to the top of a garage.  A detailed photo is also included....

 More snow banks...

In the snow bank below, you can clearly see the accumulations from different snow storms.


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