Friday, February 7, 2014

Painted Desert, Sunrise, Visits, and Home

Today I will post the rest of the photos from my trip out west.  At the north end of the Petrified Forest lies a section of the Painted Desert.

Between the main section of the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert there are several awesome badland sedimentary formations.


Then on your left as you drive north -- the Painted Desert spreads out before you.  Notice the raven I happened to capture in the photo below.

I stopped by the north visitor's center to meet with staff regarding a few geology questions that I had.  They had a display about the minerals that cause the colors in petrified wood.

I stopped in Albuquerque and visited with friends, Ardis and Ed, as well as with their daughters (Robin and Laura) and granddaughter (Shanta).  I not only purchased the house in which I live from them, but during the two winters I lived in New Mexico when I was a member of a coop art gallery, the Hannishes treated me like family.   Thanks for the relaxing and high quality visit.

On the day I was leaving, they recommended that I leave before sunrise to avoid driving directly into the sun.  I did and was awarded with a magnificent sunrise.  Share and enjoy in the photo series below....

My oldest son, Kevin, was driving from Vermont to Wisconsin to start a new engineering job.  When I talked to him after leaving Albuquerque I found out he was still in southeastern Michigan.  So I drove 1,600 miles in two days so I could spend a whole day with him.  We visited some of our favorite places in the Ann Arbor area, and headed over to my youngest son's house for dinner.  Below is a picture of Jonathan, Kevin, my grandson Keenen, and me.

Keenen is now eight months old.

On my final leg of driving, the trip odometer turned over 6,000 miles.

Over the bridge....

And finally after 6,265 miles -- up my snow lined driveway.