Monday, February 17, 2014

USB Microscope Photos of Lake Superior Agates

Last year was so busy that I didn't always have time to clean and organize the room the serves as my art studio.  So today was the day.  Tomorrow I am going to reorganize the museum gift shop and show inventories.  Then the next task on my list is to tear out the old carpeting in my living room and install laminate flooring.  I have never installed flooring before, but with the help of YouTube and friends who have experience -- I will make it happen.

I really wanted to get out today and ski, but it was so cold that I am sure the snow would not have been very good.  Later this week it is going to warm up some, so skiing will be better.  As of today, the Upper Peninsula broke a record for cold.  December 5th was the last day that temperatures were at 32 or above.  Every day since then it has been less than 32.  Maybe it has not been as cold as it has been in Minnesota, but it still has been cold!

So for today's blog posting I pulled out my USB microscope and took pictures of some Lake Superior agate slabs that I found when I was cleaning the art studio.  Enjoy.

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