Sunday, February 9, 2014

School Forest Snowshoe

The other day I went on an epic long snowshoe in the school forest with friends, Lois and Jamey.  It was a beautiful sunny day, although temperatures were in the single digits. 

We parked along H58....

... and snowshoed down the School Forest road.

The snow was deep, but compacted allowing for a fairly easy snowshoe.  The snow was also clinging to all the evergreens.

When we reached the bridge over the Sucker River, we used a compass to set our direction and then bushwhacked it in the nortth/northeast direction to the Lake Superior shoreline.  In the middle of the woods, we found the remains of a huge bon fire.

The edge of the fire pit displayed the different snow fall layers.

Lois on the left and Jamey peeking out on the right...

 Snow snake...

We had hoped to efficiently reach the bluff at what we call Pathway Beach -- and went straight there.

The lake was frozen out as far as we could see.

Then we decided to head part way back to get out of the wind and have a winter picnic.

Jamey resting on the trail...

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