Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adams Trail, Munising Bay, and Memorial Falls Photos

A couple of days ago I went to Munising with friends, Jamey and Lois, to buy plants for the garden that we jointly share.  We drove Adams Trail on the way there, but H58 on the way back. 

On the way across the Adams Trail, we stopped to check out the beaver ponds.  Below are some photos of the beaver lodge.

The road dissects the two beaver ponds.  Below is one of the beaver's slide paths to reach the pond on the other side of the road.

The beaver pond...

I took the photo below while standing along the shore of Munising Bay.  I have no idea what the square image is.  I took the photo of the fishing boat and didn't realize that the square image was there until I looked at the photos.

We also could not quite make out what the white streak was across the horizon.  At first we thought it was the ice out on the lake.  But then we realized it could also be fog.

Hanging out in the bay....

Our next stop was Memorial Falls on the Michigan Nature Association property.  Lois and Jamey had never been to this awesome grotto falls.

I took the photo below by grabbing onto a tree and hanging over the edge as far as I could with the camera facing straight down.

Of course we had to climb through the hole in the rock.

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