Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lake Superior Sunset and More Hummingbird Photos

The plan last night was to go down to the end of Coast Guard Point and take pictures of both the sunset and the moon rise.  I was excited about taking the first full moon photos with my new camera.  With tripod in hand I walked out on the breakwall.  The sunset was awesome, but a cloud bank prevented me from seeing the full moon.  I'll try again tonight for the full moon.

Here are the sunset photos.  First, the beach as I walked out toward the breakwall.

Earlier in the day the waves were going over the breakwall, but they calmed down a bit last evening.

Looking west...

Looking east you can see future driftwood.  When there are big waves on Lake Superior, they carve out the bottom of the bluff.  The top with the trees then fall in.  I think Lake Superior has always been getting bigger as it erodes the shoreline year after year.

Sunset with seagull flying by....


A couple more hummingbird photos...

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