Thursday, June 26, 2014

Iris Flowers and Sunset

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to go out and exercise since I had repair people at my house.  I had some of the snow monster damage repaired (broken roof vent) as well as some other work done.  Years ago I had a new well system installed due to lighting damage and the licensed professionals did not install it correctly.  It is amazing that it has worked since then -- at least until recently. 

So the good news is that my plumbing is now working correctly.  The bad news is that my house is mosquito infested, due to the plumbers coming in and out over a three hour period.  I was able to make one agate window last night, but then I spent over an hour and a half killing mosquitoes.  It became impossible to hold a hot soldering iron with the mosquitoes attacking.   am so sick of these tiny monsters.  Without exaggeration, I killed over 500 mosquitoes yesterday INSIDE MY HOUSE.  This morning I have already killed around 100.  I think I am finally making a dent in their population numbers. I agree with the Facebook posting I saw last week:  Noah should have killed both of them.

Iris blooms in my garden.

Sunset after glow last night.

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