Monday, June 9, 2014

Beach Walk and Mineral Art

When a storm front came through this past week, we finally had some waves due to the north by northwest winds.  I was curios if the waves helped or hurt the supply of rocks at the high water mark.  It appears that overall the waves undertowed some of the rocks back out into the lake bed and/or covered up the rocks with sand.

Friends Jamey and Lois, and one of their guests (staying at the Agate Cross B&B), Gino from Hamburg, Germany and me headed out to the beach east of Grand Marais.  It was a gray and windy evening, but it felt good to walk in the wind and be free of mosquitoes for a few minutes.

Jamey and Gino....


As you can see in the photo below, the waves have not helped the rockhounding potential on at least this section of beach.  A week ago we were on this beach and there was a lot of rock. Hopefully, the waves will change and uncover the rocks or push them back up onto the beach.

Gino is a writer and just finished publishing a travel book about the U.P. of Michigan.  He includes information about the B&B as well as about the Gitche Gumee Museum.  Currently, the book is only available in German.  Gino may have it translated in the future.  His previous book about Ernest Hemingway has been translated.  I decided to order some and have them available for sale in the museum's gift shop.


Jamey being Jamey...

The chapel has been rebuilt near the mouth of the Two Hearted River by the owners of the Rainbow Lodge property.  Their store, cabins, home, and chapel burned to the ground in the Duck Lake fire two years ago.  They have not yet re-built the store, but they did rebuild the chapel and at least a couple of the cabins.  Kathy and Richard Robinson ordered custom mineral art for the front of the chapel, including two agate hearts and a cross.

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