Monday, April 20, 2015

Lake Superior Beach Fire

A few days ago a group of friends and I had a beach fire to celebrate the warm spring-like weather.  We ate hot dog and beans and waited for the dome of darkness to close over our heads.  We were admiring the stars that were popping out of the sky, watched a bright planet rotate, used the two end stars of the big dipper to find the north star and little dipper, and then we noticed the glow.  Yes, the northern lights came out and put on a pretty good show.  They were not dancing very fast, but they were moving.  It was awesome.  I tried again to get a photo of the northern lights, but I am just not successful.  I have to research the correct camera settings.

The icebergs are shrinking.  As they melt, the sand previously mixed within the ice accumulates on top.

There is a lot of driftwood this spring.  We hypothesized that because there has been so much shore erosion this past two years  -- all the trees that have fallen in with the erosion now litter the beach.  We did not have to work very hard to have our fire.

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