Friday, December 25, 2015

Lake Superior waves for Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Yesterday was an usual Christmas eve in Grand Marais.  It rained the entire night before, which melted most of the snow.  The winds were intense so at my house we were without power for 14 hours.  Other parts of town had their power restored sooner.  Although the winds died down over the course of the day, they were still causing Lake Superior to kick up her heals.  Some of the photos below I took; others were taken by a guest photographer:  my son, Jonathan, using my camera.  I stayed home to babysit by grandson while Jonathan and my daughter-in-law, Jessica, went out and toured around town.

Late morning, Jonathan and I ran to town to do errands.  We just had to go to the end of Coast Guard Point to check out the waves.

Later in the day, Jonathan got a few more photos of the waves.

Then Jonathan and Jessica went out to the Log Slide.  Normally, this time of year you cannot drive out there.


The woodpeckers have been hard at work...

Christmas eve....

My grandson, Keenen.

Getting ready for Santa...

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