Tuesday, April 12, 2016

History Book Update and Wagon Wheels

Yesterday I finished my part of completing the Grand Marais history book when I finished completing editing the first draft.  Next, I will get photocopies of the 313 page book and send it out to my reviewers.  I have also begun working with the printer to make sure that we are "on the same page."  Hopefully, the review process will be over by the beginning of May.  Then I will convert the text and 207 images into publishing software.  Once that is done, I will send it to the printer.  I am still not sure when I will have the book for sale, but I expect it will be before the end of July.

Last night my friends, Jamey and Lois, came over for dinner.  They were the first to see a slide show of the book's images.  We also went out for a short walk on my property.  We went in search of an old wagon that is in my woods, left over from a maple sugar bush operation.  It has been a few years since I looked for it, but we found it.  Jamey is going to help me recover the wheels!

Bear and Nora love going for walks with us.

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