Saturday, April 9, 2016

School Forest Ski (sort of)

Yesterday the sun drew my friends, Jamey and Lois, and I out to the school forest to ski the road heading north after the bridge.  It went well for the first quarter mile or so, but then we hit a sunny section of the road.  The snow was very "sticky" and just clumped on the bottoms of our skies.  We took them off and walked, enjoying the sunshine.

On the side of a hill we walked past, Jamey spotted a hole. In the cavity he found a squirrel's stash of food!

After the ski/hike, we drove to an access point on the bluff.  The wind was bitter cold, so we checked out the incredible erosion, I took a few photos, and we headed back.  The icicle formations on the downed trees were awesome.

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