Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hike from the Log Slide to Au Sable Point

Yesterday I decided that I had to get out hiking. With all the driving and travelling this past six weeks, I have been remiss. So friend Lee Finkle and I decided to hike from the Log Slide to the Au Sable Point lighthouse. Although it was supposed to rain according to the original forecast, we were glad that instead the skies were nearly cloudless and the temperatures were in the mid-50s. Below are some of the photos I took, including a couple of the renovations that are underway on some of the ancillary buildings at Au Sable Point lighthouse.


  1. Beautiful!
    We're hoping to get up to your neck of the woods the first weekend in June. We're also hoping that you will be in town. :-) We are planning on coming in to town, visiting your museum and hopefully getting a couple of autographed copies of your new book. :-)

  2. As for the first weekend in June, the good news is that I will be in town. The museum hours are Sunday-Friday 205pm and 12-7 on Saturday. The bad news is that the new agate book will not be available until sometime around June 10th. As soon as I know when the shipment arrives, I'll post information on the web page and on the blog.