Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot in Grand Marais

Today the temperatures are supposed to hover around 80, but the past two days have been near 90 during the heat of the afternoon. It was hotter these past two days (in May!) than it was all last summer.

My friend, Clare Comstock, from the Denver area is here visiting. We decided to walk out onto the pier to try to get some relief from the heat. It was a bit better out there, but not as cooling as I expected since the wind was from the south. Here is a shot of the lighthouse at the end of the pier. Although it was not foggy, the fog horn was on when we first starting to walk out toward the lighthouse. I'm not sure how it operates these days, but the horn turned off as we approached.

It has been quite some time since I walked all the way out to the end. I was surprised to see damage to the concrete at the end of the pier.

Here is a shot taken from the end of the pier looking back toward the inner harbor lighthouse.

From the pier I took this shot of the coast guard station, which is now an office for the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as quarters for summer workers.

Here is a shot taken from the pier looking west.

Next, Clare and I drove to Sable Falls and walked down to the beach. Here is a shot documenting the quantity of rock that is currently on the beach.

The mouth of the Sucker River is picturesque right now. The river is split and enters into Lake Superior by two different paths. Notice the "beach art" someone left for everyone else to enjoy.

This picture I took at a friend's house the other night. Last fall many of the apples did not fall from the trees. This shot documents last year's apples with this year's blossoms.

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