Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vermont Trip

This past weekend I went with my friend, Dianna Bell, to Stowe, Vermont to attend my son's surprise 30th birthday party. Kevin certainly was surprised. His wife, Jericho, did a great job with all the arrangements.

I will probably post some more photos of Vermont tomorrow, but here is the first batch.

Vermont is known as the Green Mountain state. That is an appropriate description. There are hills and small mountains everywhere -- all of which are covered with trees. One of the classic photos of Stowe, VT is this one I took of the church.

There are apparently more covered bridges in Vermont than any other state. Here is one located just outside of Stowe.

We took several hikes while we were there. On our last day we walked up some of the Von Trappe Family trails to the top of Round Top Mountain. Here is the view from the top looking back over Stowe valley. There is also a shot of some of the rugged terrain that we had to scale towards the top of the trail.

We also hiked up to the Moss Glenn Falls in the CC Putnam State Forest. The falls in total is well over 100 feet in length.

After visiting the falls on our way back into town, we were stopped by the longest line of cows I have ever seen. There were hundreds of cows that stretched the length of 3 or 4 football fields. Here are just a few of the cows.

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