Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Au Sable Point Hike

As a result of the summer being busier than normal, I have only been hiking once a week. That pace has to pick up if I'm going to be ready for another Grand canyon hike in January. On Sunday Wendy and I hiked from the Log Slide west to the foot bridge beach, which is located 3/4 of a mile or so short of Au Sable Lighthouse. Our intention was to hike all the way to the lighthouse. However, when we climbed down to the beach under the foot bridge we enjoyed it so much that we didn't venture farther. Since the lake level is down, the Jacobsville sandstone shelves are exposed. It was a blast to just hang out and enjoy the beautiful view.

First is a picture looking west toward the lighthouse -- the direction of the hike.

I got a kick out of this seen. Apparently a whole family of people climbed down the log slide, leaving their shoes behind.

Here are several shots of the Jacobsville sandstone formations at what we call the footbridge beach.

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