Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grand Marais Festival Post 2

Saturday at the Grand Marais festival was a beautiful day. We had rain overnight both Friday night, as well as Saturday night. But during the say on Saturday and so far this Sunday morning the sky is blue. My highlight so far at this year's festival is listening to Al Young's band. Al used to play festival every year, but it is a rare ocassion now. Below is the stage sign and a few shots of Al's band. The saxophone player is Al's son, Nolan. Everyone would admit that Al has handed off the key liner baton to his son. Nolan is certainly a gifted musician.

Some of the festival goers are more colorful than others. Actually there were several participating in the toga party.

Even though we all know Al Young as a musician and local property owner, to the rest of the world he is a well-known glass blower. For only the second time ever he had a booth. His web site is

Since the museum is right across the street, I only brought over a few agate windows.

Here are some more shots of the festival people and booths.

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