Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunsets and Rainbows

We have had a couple of great sunsets in the last few days. Here are a couple of shots taken from my front porch.

When I conducted a lecture the other night and left the museum, I was greeted by one of the best rainbows I have ever seen. It completely arched over Grand Marais bay. It was so big, my camera could not capture the whole rainbow. I think it was extra spectacular because the rainbow happened right at sunset. Thus, the low sun angle seemed to increase the intensity of the rainbow. These pictures don't even do the rainbow justice.

Last night I went over to one of my friend's house. We took a walk on the beach to watch the sunset.

Although you can still see Lonesome point, located on the southeast parat of the bay, it is much diminished from what existed twenty years ago. It has probably eroded back at least a half mile.

This is a shot of the current mouth of the Sucker River. There seems to be a struggle between the river escaping into the bay, the accumulation of new sand.

Soon after the sun set, the full moon made its appearance.

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