Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wave and School Forest Photos

Here are a couple more photos of the waves taken from a beach east of Grand Marais. The winds continued yesterday, but not as strong as they were the previous day.

On the way back into town we decided to check out the waves from the East Bay access road. A couple of decades ago, before the erosion cycle began, there were houses at the end of this road as well as Kahl Park and East Bay. This second bay connected to the West Bay by a river. You can see from this photograph that at least the river is trying to reform.

I have included this sign to warn people about dangerous swimming when there are waves. A week or so ago two people drowned in Grand Marais and two more in Marquette due to the rip currents. Information about these wave-induced currents is available at and

We also drove through the school forest. Here are a couple of tree shots as well as one of the "chimney." Burt Township School in Grand Marais has the largest school forest in the state. At one time there was a classroom building. The foundation and the chimney are all that remain.

Many people have been in the school forest picking blueberries. This is the third year in a row we have had a good crop. Friend, Renee, and I had to search but we finally found some that had not yet been picked. Yum.

One more stop we made was to the grave site of a Native American who died in the 1890s.

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