Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Au Sable Days -- Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore -- Post 2

Today I'll post more of the photos taken by my sister, Diana, at the Au Sable Days celebration.  First is one more shot showing a section of ship wreck remains, along with a modern freighter shown on the horizon.

There are two ways to get to Au Sable Lighthouse from the Hurricane River.  You can walk down the old road or down the beach.  As you approach by beach, here is the view you first see of the lighthouse.  The lighthouse was opened on August 19, 1874.  The structure is 105 feet tall, with the light beam at 97 feet above the level of Lake Superior.  The original 3rd order Fresno lens was found and returned to the lighthouse.  When the lighthouse was in service, there were 3 keeper families including one head keeper and two assistants.

Here is a shot of the shore below the boat house, showing Jill standing up on the cribbing.

More light house pictures....

Staff in the National Park, with the help of the National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation, the lighthouse keeper's house has been restored to what it would have looked like 100 years ago. In this next picture you can see one of the first recliners ever sold on the market.

Now isn't this a beautiful and ornate wood burning stove!

I love the detail in this Victorian era couch. 

Then as part of the celebration, groups of 15 at a time were allowed to walk up the lighthouse tower.

Here is a shot Diana took of the Fresno lens.

Although it was a cloudy day, the view from the top of the tower was still spectacular!

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