Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Chapel Hike -- Post 4

I thought I would be able to post the rest of the photos from the hike today, but there are still too many. Thus, the last batch will be posted tomorrow.

As we continued walking east toward the Chapel area, we saw some of my favorite sections of PRNL cliffs.

As you are walking along the trail from Grand Portal, there are several vantage points that allow you to see Chapel Rock.

Because of the waves, the Pictured Rocks boat cruises were not operating.  Below is a shot of Rainbow Cave.  When it is calm, the tourist boat drives all the way into this inlet.

Then we finally arrived at Chapel Beach.  Because of the cliffs, this is one of the only sand beaches in the central part of the Pictured Rocks trail.

To lighten our load, we didn't carry much water since we knew we would filter some water at Chapel.  Of course with the waves, this made it more difficult.  Thanks to Marsha for bringing one of her bladder bags as well as her water filter. Some people drink water right out of Lake Superior.  Rockhounds often lick the rocks, too, to get a better look at the banding.  A medical worker came by my booth this past weekend at Muskallounge State Park.  She said that they have treated people at her hospital in Sault Saint Marie that have become sick from doing both.  Don't forget that although Lake Superior water is much cleaner than the water in other lakes, there is wild life as well as human waste that is present in micro amounts.  You don't want to ingest anything in nature -- just to be safe.

If you look closely at the following picture, it looks like people are on top of Chapel Rock.  I think they are probably standing on the bluff behind the rock.

The waves just kept on rolling....

The seagulls were taking advantage of the sandy beach.

I couldn't believe how agile they were running back and forth into the wave to feed.

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  1. Sorry to have missed you at the museum the other day, but I was happy to find it open and to be able to buy a copy of your new book. I think it has already changed my luck for the better when hunting agates.