Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mosquito Loop Hike -- Pictured Rocks national Lakeshore -- Post 2

I am getting ready for the Cranberry Festival show this weekend so I am going to double up on the quantity of pictures posted. I'll have other pictures when I get back, so I have to catch up a bit now.  To continue with the photos taken during the hike last weekend, we left Mosquito Falls and walked through the woods down a gently sloping hill for around a mile and a half to Mosquito Beach.

Here are a couple of shots showing where Mosquito River  flows into Lake Superior.

When you reach Lake Superior, there is a sandy beach to the west and a rocky beach to the east.  Here is the area to the west.  We had lunch while sitting on the log.  Notice the straight driftwood log that someone inserted into a hole in the big sitting log.  I think it looks kind of like a giraffe's neck and head.

Much of the rock lining and up on the beach is Jacobesville Sandstone.

The leaves are just starting to turn, but some trees are ahead of the others.

Half way across the rocky section of beach there is a point that allowsyou to look back to the west, as well as to the east.  Here is a shot looking west.

There were quite a few ducks in the area taking advantage of the sandy beach.  These ducks were staying clear of the kayakers in the area.

From the rocky point, here is a shot taken on the calm day looking east to what I call the Fred Flintstone cave.  The second photo below was taken a couple of weeks ago on the windy day.  Notice how Lake Superior changes her personality.

Here are two more shots showing the whole rocky beach.  One was taken last Sunday and the other a couple of weeks ago.  Notice how the storm surge moves the lake bed up the rocks around 20 or 30 feet.

More fall colors....

We left the Mosquito Beach area and headed back the main trail towards the parking lot.  This trail section is 1.9 miles long.

Helen left and went back to Marquette.  On the way home, Diana and I drove through the Kingston Lake campground.  I liked the colors in this lagoon.

We also stopped at the log slide.

While there, a fishing boat went by.  There are at least 9 outriggers!


  1. I really enjoy your photographs. I especially like the wave splash picture in this post. The log slide looks pretty intimidating!

  2. Lake Superior is a scary Bi**h. She is not like Lake Michigan at all. She is wild and unpredictable. Great pictures