Monday, September 19, 2011

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Chapel Hike -- Post 3

For the past few two days I have been at Muskallonge State Park for the Rock On for Lake Superior Agates Show. Although I did take photos, I first want to complete posting the series of photos I took last Tuesday on the Pictured Rocks hike. I'll post the third batch today, and the remaining pictures tomorrow.

After Marsha, Jim, and I left the Mosquito area and hiked east, we finally arrived at one of my favorite spots -- Grand Portal Point. It is the north most point located around half way on the nine mile hike. It is also the perfect place to stop.  Once arrived, I snapped this shot looking back toward Mosquito.  Mosquito Beach is located around the point located in the right center of the picture.  You can see Grand Island, located in Munising Bay, in the background.

This section of Pictured Rocks is located immediately west of Grand Portal Point.

Here is a telephoto lens close up shot of a base section of one of the Pictured Rocks cliffs.  The waves crash into the depressions and drain back out.  Are the rocks crying?  If so, they are tears of happiness.  It sure was a glorious and exhilarating day!

Once arriving to Grand Portal, we finished eating the rest of our lunch.

And then rested....

Finally, it was time to continue the hike.

The series of points located just west of Chapel Beach.

Some of the cliffs display clear evidence why this area is called the Pictured Rocks.

Sitting as a human tripod, I captured this extreme telephoto shot of Spray Falls.

We are getting closer to Chapel Beach now.....

Colorful and artful return of a wave's water back into the lake.


  1. you live in such a beautiful place! I AM ENVIOUS.

  2. All the times we have been to the UP can you believe we have never been there. YET!!!!