Friday, September 16, 2011

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Chapel Loop Hike -- Post 2

Today I'll post the second set of photos from the Mosquito/Chapel hike.  We left the Mosquito area by climbing the hill up to the bluff where we walked through the woods for around a mile.

Normally this time of year there are a lot of mushrooms in the woods.  Because we have had a draught for the last month or so, the mushrooms were few and far between.

Finally we hiked out of the woods and were treated with some spectacular views of the Pictured Rocks.
The top of the arch collapsed several years ago.

As we continued walking east, we finally spotted the Grand Portal Point area, including Indian Head rock.

The waves started to lessen a bit, but they were still crashing into the rock.

Here is a shot looking straight down.

I really liked the "drain holes" that we saw in several places.

On the bottom left of this photo you can see the upper level beach that also collapsed several years ago.  We used to eat our lunch on top of this section.

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