Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Fall Storm Photos

The fall storm continued all through yesterday. I think the most severe wind was during the middle of Friday night and early Saturday morning. The wind woke me up a few times, including around 3:30 am when the power turned off and on a few times.

I got some work done in the morning and then made football game-watching soup. Friends, Gerald and Jill, came over to watch the big game. I really thought that Michigan was going to win this time over Michigan State. Things went well with the game until the 4th quarter. As I was cheering for my team (Michigan Wolverines), and Jill cheering for hers (Michigan State Spartans) -- we lost power. We immediately jumped in our cars and drove over to their house, which still had power. We have three phases of electricity that supply Grand Marais and very often only one or two sections of town are without power during a storm. 

Just when I thought Michigan was going to come back at the end of the game -- they lost power. We jumped in the car and finished listening to the last few minutes of the game on the radio down on the end of Coast Guard Point. Michigan did not come back.  Congratulations to the Spartans. 

At least I was able to capture some more great images of the storm. The waves were even bigger on Saturday than they were on Friday. I would say they were 10-15 feet high!

This first shot I took from the south side of the Lighthouse Keepers Museum looking straight north down the breakwater.

We then parked on the north side and walked north.  I almost got wet by the wave in the picture below.

You can see why the freighter captains call the waves of Lake Superior "liquid fire."

While walking back to the car, I took this shot with the memorial on the left and the channel with channel blinker on the right.

Notice the extra big wave just left of center in the picture below.

Waves hitting the rocks on the south end of the east breakwall.

As we drove back into town, we noticed this tree that fell on one of the houses on Coast Guard Point.  It didn't appear to do much damage.

I had an appointment at the museum.  When I left, I saw and captured these pictures of a fall rainbow.

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  1. awesome pictures. Love the wildness. Rainbow is cool too