Friday, October 14, 2011

Sable Falls Area Hikes -- Post 2

Our Grand Marais contingent was supposed to play golf today in Newberry. However, it is raining, windy, and cold -- not conducive for golf. Since I am trying to stay on my exercise routine and it doesn't look like a good day for a hike, I'll probably stack the rest of my firewood. Thanks to friend, Jill, who helped me stack some of it the other day. We didn't finish but did throw the rest inside my wood shed to keep it out of the rain.

Today I'll post the remainder of the pictures taken during two recent hikes in the Sable Falls area.   First, another shot of the beach looking east toward the rising full moon.

A few weeks ago while we were still in drought condition, I was told that there wasn't enough water at the mouth of Sable River to push a path out into the big lake.  Apparently the river's water was exiting under the sand.  Now with recent rain the water flow has increased and enters Lake Superior along a westward curve.

It was a beautiful evening to fish at the river's mouth.  When I walked by I asked if he had successfully landed any fish.  He had only been out around an hour and had not yet had any success.

I know -- more full moon shots.  I just have to use my camera's zoom lens.

My friend, Jill, went with me on the second hike. 

It was too dark on the first hike to get pictures of the falls.  During the morning hike I was able to capture the river below the falls as well as Sable Falls with a backdrop of autumn color.

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