Friday, October 21, 2011

The Power of Lake Superior

Yesterday I conducted an agate class with two couples who contacted me a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure it was going to happen because the weather has been so windy, cold, and rainy -- but we had a reprieve. The sun actually came out and the wind died down a bit.

When I pulled into the museum, I was amazed at the size of a tree that fell onto the basketball court across the street. It required a massive clean up effort.

After conducting the first part of the agate class at the museum, I took the group to a beach east of town.  Again, I was amazed at the power of the storm.  The beach bears no resemblance to what it looked like a few weeks ago.  The lake water was still shifted our way, like the water sloshing in a bathtub, so the beach was half again as wide as normal.  Plus the waves carved a mini-escarpment of sand around six feet tall,  All of the driftwood was pushed way up the beach. 

If you are a prospector, the waves also uncovered a lot of black sand.  I have been told that there are gold specs in this black sand.

This 25 foot log was sticking right out of the newly formed sand bank.

The couples seemed to have with the rock hounding exercise.

We had a little bit of a sunset, although I only captured the afterglow.  Today it was cold, rainy, and very windy -- AGAIN!

Well, it is late and I still have a couple of things to do.  I am bound and determined to get everything done tonight so that I can leave early in the morning for the Mason show.  If you live down in lower Michigan and you were thinking of coming -- I am bringing a lot of stuff!

I am bringing my camera USB cord and will try to implement some blog updates from the road.  I'm not sure about the facilitating software though....

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  1. Sorry we missed you. We are visiting from near Munising and had hoped to visit with you and maybe see your museum. My daughter is here from Korea and has caught the agate hunting bug. Glad to have discovered your blog though. Hope you have a great show.