Saturday, April 14, 2012

Evening Dune Hike

After working all day yesterday I made myself head out for a hike last evening. I drove over to Sable Falls and headed into the dunes.

It was sunny most of the day, but clouds advanced along a low pressure front just in time for my hike.

I walked to the end of a dune to get this photo with a little bit different angle of Au Sable Point.

More dunes....

The white birch trees show their light colored trunks well before the branches leaf out.

The path.....

This pine tree stands tall in a forest of much smaller deciduous trees.  In the above picture you can actually see this tree in the distance.  Here it is from two angles using my camera's zoom lens.  I took the second picture two dunes over.

Aren't they cute?

A flash picture of Sable River as I headed back over the foot bridge to my car.

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